Tinted Specs Are The Ray Ban Shades Of The Season

Our love for rainbow glasses is REAL

sunglasses ray banFingers firmly crossed, it wont be long until we’re all reaching for a pair of sunglasses.

However, before you pick up your trusty pair of blacked out specs, you’d do well to pay heed to Bella Hadid. (See what we did there.)

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez have all ditched their classic aviators for rainbow tinted lenses, throwing major shade (sorry, can’t help it) at our boring black ones.

We will be the first to admit that this news is slightly inconvenient as, by now, we have invested in several pairs of Ray-Bans outlet but, nonetheless, we are digging the noughties vibes.

Wondering how to work the trend in 2017? Just conduct a study in Bella Hadid, who is legit obsessed with them. Over the past few months, the model has proved she can make any colour of lens look cool.

ray ban

Bels can make them work for any occasion, from a casual holiday look to a show-stopping colour coordinated outfit. The key is to give 00s glasses a modern twist, therefore making them look less Paris Hilton and more Paris Fashion Week appropes.

She has even made a solid case for yellow aviators being office appropriate, by pairing them with a pinstripe dress (yes,really).

fashion ray bans

As for these full-on rimless and rhinestone babies, we may leave this look to her for now…

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